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Spray ‘n Snip Ribbon Tank

The heat is on, which means t-shirt hacking is in full swing. Here’s an easy method that will take less than 30-minutes!



Oversized t-shirt


Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint

3 yards of 1-inch wide satin ribbon

woven placemat or lace


Wash and dry the shirt to remove the sizing. Working on a flat surface, set out shirt flat. Insert a shirt form so the paint won’t seep through to the other side. Set the placemat on top and spray. Spray in even strokes to get even coverage. Let dry.

shirt collage

1. Cut off the arm holes and neckline. Make sure to cut the neckline deep, like a tank top.

2. Use chalk and mark every one-inch all around the neckline, front and back.

3. Snip where you marked.

4. Make sure to start at the front slot so the end is hanging down, then thread the ribbon through the rest of the slots until both ends are hanging out the front. Tie in a bow.


Remove ribbon before washing. Wash in cold water, hang dry.

I used black spray, but you can mix and match the spray and the ribbon any way you want! You can also use a HUGE shirt if you want to make a swimsuit cover-up.

ribbon top

How I would change Devious Maids!

Faux Flan Soap


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