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Candy Dot T-Shirt


Have you ever heard of Beads in a Bottle? It’s a type of 3D paint from Tulip that is like one step beyond traditional puffy paint. Beads in a Bottle dries to a hard finish and with a rounded top. The “beads” look so shiny and juicy!


It reminds me of little candy dots – or Dippin’ Dots. Maybe I’ve just been playing too much Candy Crush. Anyway, I recently picked up a boyfriend tee for Maya and before I presented it to her, I covered the entire front with different colors of Beads in a Bottle!


Pre-wash your shirt and insert wax paper inside so the paint won’t seep through. Start at the top and just start making dots all across the front.


I used two packages to get this look!



Here is Miss Maya already wearing it! She likes it!



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