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Glittered Floor Cloth


You remember my glittered floor project, right?


I swear, every week I receive an email asking how to do this without making it permanent. A floor cloth would be the next best thing. You can buy a canvas drop cloth on the cheap at a home improvement store, or use unprimed canvas. I’ve been wanting to make one of these for our kitchen with a coffee theme. The mug is a stencil that I cut. Now that I made this one, I’m excited to make more. I really want to experiment with brighter colors!

Here is my video tutorial to make your own glittered floor cloth!


Click here to watch the video: How to Glitter a Floor Cloth


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  1. This is great! I think ill do this on my folding table since it looks like there is a wipe off cloth/plasticy fabric on it instead of using resin ( your flower pot table with wood top). I also wanted to add I am really happy that the three times i have asked a question you have always answered quickly back and I feel its makes a difference in wanting to keep your craft site in my top list. I know you must be busy but when I get the crafting bug I want to work on that momentum otherwise I get distracted with something else. Thanks!


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