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Pop Art Collage Canvas


Let’s make a pop art collage canvas!

Last week I was at the summer Craft and Hobby Create-n-Connect Conference in Las Vegas. Four days of crafty fun! I spent most of my days demoing Tulip Spray Dyes and Dye Pens, but on one day I taught a mixed media collage workshop. The workshop was to promote the new Scribble Crazy Tips – these are really cool puffy pen-like paints that come with different types of nozzles.

When you are a craft designer, this is the types of cool jobs available. I came up with the idea, sketched it and presented it to the company. I then made my samples and prayed people would signup for my class! They did, it was a hit!

My mission was to create a fun project that felt new and fresh, and organically highlight the new craft product on the market. I had way too much fun with these pens!

The idea behind the canvas is to create a fun-pop art type of affirmation design that you can hang in your house to make you feel energized and happy.

I think the duplicate lines on the Crazy Tips make everything look electrified.

How to make a pop art collage canvas

– One blank canvas

– Assorted magazine photos and phrases

– Puffy paint, tool to create dimension inthe paint – combs, etc

– Gems, feathers, glitter, flowers

– Glue stick and/or hot glue


Generously rub the canvas with the glue stick in the areas where you want your magazine cut outs.

Press the images in place.

Then apply the puffy paint designs all around the borders.

Last, press the gems, feathers and flowers into the wet puffy paint (the formula is so thick, it will act as a glue).


Here are a couple finished pieces from the students in my class. Aren’t they cute?


Here are some other designs I made. It’s addicting!


This is also a fun “girls night” craft because it’s always entertaining to cut photos out of fashion magazines, plus adding the glitter and glue…and cocktails and a movie…ok, who wants to come over and craft tonight? And make use of the perfume samples, right?

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  1. Thank you for posting pics from the CHA workshop using the Crazy Tips Scribbles paint from Tulip. I loved the project and have been using those paints on everything!


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