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Mexican Calendar Girl Table Top

Resin topped table

We recently created a little patio chat corner on our front porch and for the table, I whipped up a functional centerpiece. I purchased a large, heavy-duty plastic flower pot at Lowe’s, along with a raw wood table top. I’m always in the mood for a resin-coated collage, but realized I’ve never shown a full-on tutorial here! So, here we go! I call this my Mexican Calendar Girl Table Top!


These are my tried and true resin-coating supplies you’ll need (I’ve been doing this for YEARS!):

Round wood panel, two-part resin, acrylic or latex paint, brushes, Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue, Collage Pauge.


Base-coat the wood panel.  Let dry.


Coat with the Collage Pauge, smooth generously over the entire surface.


Choose and cut your pictures to size and glue them down using the Collage Pauge and brush. Smooth out any bubbles with your fingers. Let dry.


This is my technique I always do – coat the entire surface with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. An even coat, make sure all your loose edges are sealed down. This is to trap out any resin from seeping under the edges. Once you’re done, you can add little stars and hearts like I did. It just gives it a nice little accent!


Let the whole thing dry. It will be kind of tacky to the touch, but that’s ok. Now we’re going to resin!


Working on a piece of wax paper, mix the resin according to package directions. I use a plastic cup and a craft stick. mix thoroughly and pour in the center of the table. Don’t let it go to the edges because it will drip over. Wearing plastic gloves or using the stick, push the resin about 1/2″ away from the edges, then use your finger to smear it to the edge. The resin is self-leveling, so it will spread out. Make sure to work on wax paper or a large garbage bag, otherwise it will become bonded to the table (if any spills over).

TIP: If you see gas bubbles, you can blow them out with a straw.

Make sure to let it cure in a covered, outdoor area, such as an enclosed garage or patio. Even the laundry room. Resin is toxic and stinky, so wear a mask too! Let it cure for 24 hours or until it is dry to the touch. Flip it over and use pliers to remove any drips – you can also sand them down.

NOTE: Because my collage had such thick paper, I did this whole process twice to make sure all the papers were sealed deep under the resin.


When it comes to the flower pot as the base of the table – if you use terra cotta, it will be nice and sturdy. I used a plastic one, so I used it as storage, plus the stuff inside weighs it down so it won’t fall over!

resin table top

And here you go! Assemble the pieces and you are good to go! This method will work for any flat surface that you want to coat in resin.

Resin table top


Glue Resist Tie Dye Technique

“Celebrating Frida” new exhibit by The Phoenix Fridas! cc


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  1. Where in the world did you find those cute vintage prints, and where/how can I get my own????? Love those vintage looking ads!!

  2. I have a folding table with a wipeable surface but its ugly tan. Im wondering what I can use to paint on it or resin collage it . Thanks! Maybe even a sparkle table like the glitter cement floor! Thanks Tracy

  3. I love everything you do but this is my favorite. You are so very creative. Thanks for sharing. You encourage me to take a chance and do some of the things I have dreamed up. And maybe even a few of the projects you have shared with all of us. I pray I can do half as well as you have,


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