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12 Ways to Chill Out


Today is National Relaxation Day – what are you doing to chill your mood? It’s so easy to get worked up over EVERYTHING if you let it. I’ve found in past years that when I really, really worry about something, it always manifested in a physical way –  losing a chunk of hair, weight gain, clumsiness, Debbie Downer, hurting my back or getting a cold, etc. All that did was add more stress! I learned that the best defense is to prep as much as possible, make a to-do list before bedtime and allow time to recharge.

We have to accept the fact that there is no way we can be in control of everything, so why fuss about those things we can’t fix?

Before you stress out, try these ideas:

1. Too much to do in not enough time? Make a list to prioritize your tasks. Prolong the things that can wait, will your wold fall apart if they are not done exactly when you want? Likely not. Create a schedule for your tasks so you can see them front and center in an organized way. Say no to new tasks until you get the old ones under control.

2. Mean people? Consider the source. Let it go, and focus on the good people you  have in your life. That usually is a quick fix!

3. A messy house or room? Clear at least one area at a day to make yourself feel like you are accomplishing something. Every time I clean my room or work area, I feel so much better, I feel like my mind is much clearer. Throw or donate stuff that you don’t use. Get some good energy flowing in your area! *Make a vow to put things away in their place after you use them!*

4. Money? Always! These days there are many opportunities to bring in extra coin. Go through your things and see what you can sell on eBay, Etsy or Poshmark. These can be clothes, craft supplies or finished goods. The main thing is to take action! If you are an expert in something, maybe do some consulting. Write down the amount of money you need to bring in and post it on your bulletin board. Instead of worrying about how you’ll get money, take action to bring it in! Remember, you are in control!

5.  Unfinished business? Tie up loose ends. We all have them! Go through and tie up any little outstanding tasks, calls, emails, etc. You’ll feel so much better.

6. Disappointment? Let go of expectation. Instead of being bummed because things didn’t turn out the way you planned, try to get excited to find new opportunities. Keep an open mind and make the most of what you’ve been served. Choose to accept, evolve, or get out of the game entirely.

A lot of stress comes from worrying about all the above things. But if you can spot them and take control, your mind and spirit will be much clearer for enjoying your life!

Here is one more list for you – I’m on a  roll, okay?


7. Make a soothing eye mask. You don’t even have to sew, I also provide no-stitch method!). This is good after you get home from a long day and you need to recalibrate your vibe. Keep this mask in your fridge and once you get home, drop your purse on the counter and check the mail, take five on the couch to inhale and exhale!

8. Get crafty! There is no better way to destress than to get lost in the process of creativity. It can be as simple as doodling in a blank journal or stringing beads for a necklace. Check out my article that has a lot of ideas!

9. Get in a positive state-of-mind. Here is an amazing list I found that I often refer to when I need to to get a better perspective on life and living simply.


10. Don’t just exist day-to-day, stop, take a breather and think of the story you are creating with your daily life! Here’s my take on that.

11. Light some yummy candles to make your house smell sweet and inviting.

12. How to handle when plans fall through.

QUESTION: How you like to relax? A massage, drawing, singing? Please leave a comment and share so we can all relax together!


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