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DIY Tie Dye Rainbow Undies


It’s time for some DIY tie dye rainbow undies. Or…chonies as we say in Spanglish.

What are “chonies,” you ask? Chonies are..um, lets say an endearing slang term for undies! So how did I come to dyeing these? I found a package of white cotton undies on sale that happened to be in my size. But they were white. Boring!

I figured if you can dye cotton T-shirts, why not cotton chonies?

Plus, I always have leftover dye packets that come in the Tie Dye Kits. I have a whole bag of them and figured this would be a great way to put them to use!


Supplies for DIY Tie Dye Rainbow Undies

First you need white cotton undies. Hey, I know these are not bikini size, ok? Don’t judge! Wash them to remove sizing, but don’t put them in the dryer, leave them damp.


You’ll also need Ziplock gallon bags, an empty dye bottle, and Tulip One-Step Dye packets. Or you can just buy a new Tulip Tie-Dye kit where the dye already comes in the bottle.


Add a packet to the bottle, add water to the fill line and then shake until the powder is completely dissolved. Insert a pair or two of the undies inside the Ziplock bag and pour in the dye. Seal the bag and use your hands to smush the dye all over the fabric.


Repeat the process for each color, make sure to rinse the bottle between each color.

Let them set for six hours in the bags. Then remove and rinse in the sink, one-by-one until the water runs clear. Then wash in cold water in the machine and tumble dry. You are good to go! The color is set and won’t bleed!


IDEAS: These would be great to make for gifts for your girlfriends, say if you are all walking in a breast cancer marathon, you can all wear pink chonies. Or maybe for a bridal party in the wedding colors, a sports game, or just to have fun and liven up your skivvies!

ANOTHER IDEA! Say you want all black undies, just buy whatever ones are on sale and bring them home and dye them black!


Thanks for checking out my post about DIY Tie Dye Rainbow Undies! Let me know if you try this project!

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