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Glitter Bar Necklace



Think this is a little much? I like big jewelry. But you can always make this piece one bar of glitter if three is too over-the-top. I have a LOT of different types of glitters and have been looking for creative ways to use them.



Well, I also happened to have a lot of silicone molds too. And resin. So that’s how this idea got rolling. I made these glitter bars from the mold and wanted to find a fun way to use them.

You’ll need: Two-part resin, silicone molds (I bought mine at IKEA), plastic cup, stirrer, wax paper, gloss spray, jewelry findings.

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Line your work area with waxpaper. mix the resin, add some glitter and pour into the mold. Let set overnight.


Remove from the mold and spray with the high gloss varnish so they will be super shiny!



Use a rotary tool to drill holes on each side.



Add jump rings and a necklace chain.



Add more bars if desired. You can do this with any kind of shape you want!



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