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Puffy Fabric Postcards (to send to strangers!)


As much as I love to buy beautiful and clever postcards, I really like to make them – it’s all about the handmade touch, right? Just think, one little rectangle of handwritten love being sent across the land! We have the power to put a smile on someone’s face!

Recently I had to teach a business workshop for executive professionals. While the art of marketing was the main topic, I wanted to share a simple craft with them so they could get a sense of my world. I had them create two simple greeting cards. I then had them write a little pep talk inside each one and seal up the envelopes. I told them to hide one away in their house in a place they would find later. I asked them to hold on to the other one and save it for someone they came across who needed a little emotional boost.

Geez, the looks on their faces when I told them the directions, they were practically blinking away tears! We spend so much time worrying about our own lives that it’s easy to forget about those around us. If you can brighten someone’s mood for even a moment, it lifts up everyone around them too. Maybe they will pay it forward. And you’ll feel so great inside to have started that chain reaction!

To take this a step further…I’ve been wanting to send out empowering postcards to strangers, inspired by a movie I saw called The Letter Writer.

It’s about an elderly man who writes inspirational letters to strangers (he looks up their address in the phone book). One of the receivers is a young girl with a gazillion problems in her life and thanks to him, she is able to see the world from a different perspective. It looks like a corny movie at first, I only watched it one night because I couldn’t fall asleep, but I ended up in tears, sobbing from the uplifting message and feeling like I wanted to change the world one message at a time! Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 3.13.07 PM

Click here or on the picture to see the trailer for The Letter Writer.

I don’t have time to write a full-on letter to strangers, but I can handle postcards! So this is what I did – I made postcard templates and then I printed them on Inkjet fabric (you can buy a pack at the craft store or iron muslin fabric to freezer paper, cut to 8.5×11 and run through your printer).


I then made fabric collages to go on top for the front. I added bits of batting and stitched those areas to them puffy. Of course I used the zig zag stitch! You can use a fabric marker to write your message on the back – and yes, the mailman really will deliver these! Make sure your stamp is glued on well, though!


Here is a template I made of the postcard backs that you can print and scan to make your own postcards, simply click to enlarge.


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