Dia de los Muertos Face Paint Tutorial

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Here is a Dia de los Muertos face paint tutorial!

Remember my recent post about visiting YouTubeSpaceLA? Well, this is the first video from that experience! Maya and Jeshua made this adorable video showing how to use the Crafty Chica Dia de los Muertos Face Paint Kit!

The kit is not in production anymore, but you can use another kind of face paint make-up. Make sure to test it on your skin first before using, as with all face paint products.



About this Dia de los Muertos face paint tutorial

Before you dive into the paintbrushes, it’s a good idea to have an idea in mind. A good start is too look for ideas. Check out my other post:

10 Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorials

This post is good because I scoured through the interwebs to find different styles for all skill levels. 

Before you start, wash your face and make sure you don’t have any open cuts or sores before you add any paint. and make sure you only use paint made for skin, you don’t want any break out. Plus using craft paint on your face – it will crack and flake off. Better safe than sorry, as they say!

Make sure you use clean brushes and don’t share them with anyone else before washing them.

Let’s paint!

New to facepainting? Use stencils, there are many out there. Apply the stencils – dip the applicator (or make-up brush) in the paint and dab on the design.

Apply the stencils and add color. There are flowers, swirls and all kinds of designs to use. After you have the stencil areas finished, you’ll need to fill in the rest with white.

No stencil? Start with a thin brush to outline your design in white, and then fill in with color or white.

Many kits come with a sponge and white face paint, but you can also use a make-up brush for more even coverage. For even deeper, more rich coverage, I would pick up an extrA white face paint pot as well. 

Dia de los Muertos Face Paint Tutorial

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