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Drop Cloth Drapes


We’re planning a kitchen overhaul and while I’m not sure exactly what I want to go with, I do know we at least need a change of scenery. Quick. Instead of waiting for the entire upgrade, I figured I could at least change the look of the drapes for now. One of my favorite and quickest ways to pop up some window coverings (aside from buying expensive ones at the store) is to use a canvas drop cloth! Chop, sew and hang! Well, in my case, add a bit of glitter too. I happened to have a drop cloth on hand because  I always buy them when I’m at Lowe’s – I never know when I’m going to need one!

This huge canvas drop cloth is $21!

Canvas drop cloths are a main staple in my supplies. I buy a 9’x12′ size and use it for pillows, seat cushions, coverings, place mats and in this situation – kitchen drapes!

Here’s what you need:

1 canvas drop cloth (go with the 9×12′ size so you can easily cut your two panels and have lots leftover)

Tulip One-Step Dye (I used about six packages)

Fabric glue and glitter!


1. Measure the area of your draped area and cut two panels from the drop cloth.

2. Wash the panels. Tie in rubberbands.



3. Mix the dye packets. Immerse the drapes in water and add the dye. Let set for six hours. NOTE: You can also work on top of a plastic bag and apply the dye and wrap in plastic. Because my drapes were so big, I let them soak in the sink. After I was done, I used powdered cleaner to wash the sink.



4. Wash in the washer and tumble dry.

5. Hem the sides and sew a large hem so you can slide the drapery bar inside.



6. Iron your drapes.



7. I thought these needed a little pop for my already colorful kitchen, so I added fabric glue and used star stencils and glitter!

PicMonkey Collage


8. Let dry and remove excess glitter with a dry brush. Hang and enjoy!



9. I used fabric glue and fabric glitter, so that I can wash these whenever I want without losing any sparkle!


– Create an ombre effect with dye.

– Use fabric markers to draw or doodle on them.

– Cut in squares, dye different colors and stitch together for a patchwork look.


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