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How a mattress topper changed my life

I know this is going to seem like an odd post, but when something changes my life for the better, I feel it is my duty to share it with all of you!

Two words: Mattress topper.

Mattress topper = life changer!

I bet a lot of you already are game to this, but it’s a whole new comfy world to me. I clock in a lot of multi-tasking hours every day and by the time I go to crash for the night, I don’t think of anything but  faceplanting on anything soft and flat. It doesn’t take much to please me: a mattress, a couple pillows, sheets, I’m good to go. I thought my slumber would be even better when I invested in new mattresses, recently. Honestly, I didn’t really notice a difference. I mean, I woke up every morning but didn’t feel super refreshed. Not like when I sleep in hotel rooms. But at home. the next morning after waking up in my own bed, my back would even ache a little.  I thought it was because I needed to exercise, anything but the bed itself. I secretly, guiltily longed for travel accommodations…

It wasn’t until I came home from the ALEx13 trip, where we slept at a resort, that I put two and two together. CUSHION! I needed to add more cushion! In order to get my fulfilled sleep, I needed to up my bedding game. Why not have my very own luxury hotel bed in my own home? Duh! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

I did some consumer research and bought a fluffy mattress topper at Target. I also bought a down comforter and pillows to match. All together I spent about $200. BEST investment since glittering my studio floor. It’s like sleeping on a cloud of love. I love to clutch them as the ZZZZZZs begin to roll off my lips. I fall asleep faster, no more achey feeling in the morning and I feel super-duper refreshed!

My lesson to all of you is to not take your sleep time for granted. When we sleep, we recharge our internal and external battery – I visualize it like an iPhone charger. you want a solid charge, not one that stops and starts due to a faulty connection. Take time to prep your sleeping space the best you can.

Here are my tips for a good night’s sleep!

This is a headboard I made for a silent auction, I wish I had kept it!

1. Make a to-do list for the next day’s agenda. If you go to bed thinking about everything you have to do the next day, or worrying, you are wasting precious time! Try this: Before you go to bed, write up an action list. For me, once I write out a list, I feel like I have it all under control and I’ll be ready to tackle it in the morning.

2. Clear the clutter! A clear bed is a clear mind! There was a time when I used to sleep with the kids’ clean laundry on my bed because I didn’t have time to fold them during the day. Now I set aside a bit of time each day to make sure my bed is cleared of clutter. This also goes for pets. Since adding my new bedding, I don’t let the dogs sleep with us anymore. I was always having to sleep around them. They aren’t the ones with the heavy work load, that’s me. I deserve comfort more than them!

3. Turn off your cell phone, or at least the sound, and don’t sleep with your phone under your pillow! I get texts, emails and messages all through the night, I used to leave my sound on and the dings would wake me up and I couldn’t help but check my messages. NO MORE! Life will go on if you wait until morning. Also, put your phone at least on the nightstand, not under your pillow. Why? Because you will subconsciously worry about it all night – feeling for it to make sure it didn’t fall on the floor, etc.

4. Circling back to the inspiration of this post – try a mattress topper! They come in all price ranges and thicknesses. Oh lordy, it is so worth it. I can’t believe I went so long without one!

5. Know your pillow personality. Think about what kind of pillows you like and how many. Invest in having those amount/kinds of pillows. Don’t settle!

6. If you can’t sleep, try these ideas. Always have a book or magazine on hand to read, maybe your crochet or knitting nearby. If all else fails, take 1/2 a Tylenol PM like I do sometimes! This is for those times when your body is so exhausted, but your brain is super stimulated.

7. Vibe up! Clear your mind. Say “thank you for the good stuff that happened today” before you go to sleep. LOL, I don’t know if this actually helps, but it helps me feel like I’m giving closure for the day that just ended and I’m ready to start all over in the morning.

Hope these tips help! Remember, as hard as you work all day, you deserve the best sleep available. Own the night!

What are your tips for a good night’s sleep? Do you use a mattress topper?


Here’s an article, Mattress Care 101, that helps explain mattress care!

Happy sleeping!


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  1. LOVE this!!! Sowe got a Sleep Number bed because of a similar issue. Best decision I ever made. I can adjust harder or softer if I have any back pain, turn on the massage or elevate my head or feet when need. It was a tiny bit more costly than $200 but well worth every penny! You’re inspiring me to blog about it! I am happy you found such relief and comfort 🙂 Love the nighttime tips!


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