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How To Write and Publish a Best Selling Craft Book



The best people to take advice from are those who have truly succeeded in what they are preaching. And when it comes to sharing the insights to pitching, writing, and selling a craft book – Mark Montano is our go-to guy. In his new book, How To Write and Publish a Best Selling Craft Book  ($8.99 Kindle) he delivers his methods of success from start to finish. Seriously. He is the #1 selling craft book author of all time! Even before I met Mark a few years back, I already had his earlier DIY books in my collection. Then his Big Ass series came out and blew my mind. He is a designer who truly practices the art of innovation. He doesn’t worry about trending or what is selling at the moment, but more about coming up with original projects that are very clever and fun. You can tell he LOVES to make stuff. And more stuff…and then sharing it with all of  us.

So, about this book. Juicy information. I’ll share a few tips, but you’ll  have to buy your own copy to get the rest. Mark’s collection of advice is a shortcut to the book publishing world. He offers up all the details of what he went through, what worked and what didn’t. How he comes up with 250 ideas before narrowing it down to those that actually get published. In other words, you have to be serious to clock in the time, and the scissor power. You have to be willing to challenge your creativity. Whatever idea you come up with it, think of how you can take it to the next level. Always go for the “wow” factor. He breaks it all down. He also helps readers learned what it is to have a point-of-view as a creator, and how to package and present the goods.


One of my favorite ‘a-ha’ tips is that Mark says he always has 100-150 projects in his books. That way people feel like they are getting value when they purchase it, as opposed to a book that has 20-30 projects. That is so true, I wish I had thought of that for my past books, I would have loved to double the projects! From the proposals to mock books, to reaching out to agents, he covers it all! I’m revved up to work on my next book proposal and How To Write and Publish a Best Selling Craft Book is just the jumpstart I need.

So do yourself a favor and buy a copy, because even if you are not into writing a book, per se, his advice covers a lot of info that will fit with any kind of branding and/or blogging business!



Here’s one of Mark’s recent DIY videos. Enjoy!




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