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Lessons for Life, Soul Pancake, & Me!

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It’s funny how life catches us off guard sometimes. All the time.

Earlier this month, I was at YouTubeSpaceLA again to shoot and edit six videos. We had it all planned and well…a few surprises and delays popped up, making the days very stressful when they should have been fun. I was doing great, keeping it together, when I remembered I had signed up to participate in this Soul Pancake project. I didn’t even check my hair or lipstick, I hadn’t eaten since the night before and my vibe was a little shaky. I had no idea what to expect, but no matter what mood I’m in, I’m always down for an adventure and participating in artful projects. Social good has always been my mission here at CraftyChica.com, before I even heard of that term! Anyway –

I showed  up and this is what it was all about – Lessons for Life is a project by Snow White Bui. She plans to spend the next ten years to get one million people to share three lessons for life, that she is then posting on her site. It was a one-woman project until Soul Pancake (you might know them from Kid President) found out and invited her to work with them at YouTubeSpaceLA. She had us all write down our three life lessons on a card and she hung them all up so we could read each other’s lessons.

This is from Snow White Bui’s site, Lessons for Life. Click here for more!

This was the first part of the experiment and this is all it took for me to completely FORGET about my worries. They were stupid, selfish, and shallow. It’s sooo easy to get caught up in our own daily drama, that we forget about the bigger picture. Years from now, I’ll likely forget the silly annoyances of those days, but I’ll surely remember choosing my words wisely to write on this card!

After I filled out the card and hung it up, I had to walk to the sandbox and remove my shoes, and drop my cell phone in a box. I was scared to go down the slide. I’m heavy, and I could tell right away that the slide would not hold my weight. Luckily, they let that part slide (hee hee, pardon the pun!). I then had to sit on a rainbow-colored tree stump and…wait. Minutes later, a beautiful young woman walked into the scene, went down the slide, and then sat on the tree stump across front of me.

We had no idea what to say, so we introduced ourselves and proceeded to open the little bottles that contained prompts. At first we giggled and talked about our curly hair, but then one of the messages asked us to talk about what was close to our heart. She talked about her love for her parents and thinking about being a mom someday. I swear, I am such a cry baby! I choked up! I shared about my passion to trying to motivate people to lead a life of positivity. I believe it is contagious in a very good way. Everyone deserves a chance to be noticed and to shine. Sometimes you have to be the one to click on the spotlight for someone else because they can’t find their own switch. If more of us worked to do this to help others, it would be one big circle of shiny lights, right?

We kept on with our conversation, we didn’t even notice the cameras at all because we were so focused on our discussion. Tonight I watched the video and gasped in delight to see they included our conversation. They interviewed a lot of people all day long, I honestly didn’t think our would be there, but wow, it was! I am so honored to have been part of this amazing video with the other conversations. All of them made me smile and cry. You just have to watch it and see!

OK – I’m trying to remember the three life lessons I wrote on the card. They went something like this:

1. Embrace NEW. It’s easy to fall back on our comfort zones. Take your current list of favorites and put it away. Listen to new music with a fresh attitude. pick a new topic to discuss with your friends, go out of your way to meet a new person, instead of going for the first snapshot, choose a new perspective. By embracing new, you’ll never get stuck in a rut!

2. Focus on the good stuff and good people. Even if you have a sucky day, think about the lessons you learned from the situation. Write it down so the good will overpower the bad. Give thanks to the nice people who helped you through the day, even if it is the check-out girl at McDonalds. Give credit to the nice folks instead of dwelling on the meanies.

3. We all age, so make the most of each day that you are younger (than the next day). You will always be older than someone, and younger than someone, it is all how you look at it. Do things now, while you are in whatever state you are in, because who knows how long it will last? It’s all part of the cycle of life, we all (hopefully) have a turn to experience each day of every age.

Here are some bonus ones, inspired by others in the video:

4. Be the example. Whatever you put out into the world will reflect back on you. In the video, my heart melted at the dad who said that the best way to be a good parent is to be a good example for your kids to follow.

5. Make peace! My dear friend, Tiffany, is in the video doing a thumb war, they are wrestling and then she stops and asks: “How do I declare peace, I don’t like war” and they hold their thumbs together. What a powerful moment.

6. Don’t be embarrassed of who you are. This is the guy with the glasses and dark hair. his words really hit hard. Inside our minds and hearts, we know who we really are and sometimes it goes against what our parents, friends or society expects or wants. But you know you are truly a golden person with a positive message to share. Own up to who you are and be proud. Life is too short to not to live to your fullest potential.

7. Savor Grandma’s food, it won’t be around forever!

Now it’s your turn – what are your life lessons?

Please follow Lessons for Life Project on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget Soul Pancake and YouTubeSpaceLA!


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2 thoughts on “Lessons for Life, Soul Pancake, & Me!”

  1. You made me cry!

    My life lessons off the top of my head:
    1. Have confidence in yourself.
    2. Your body is beautiful.
    3. Family is everything.
    4. Your problems are small in light of this big world.
    5. Be active.
    6. Don’t be afraid.
    7. Document the important things in life because I promise, you’ll forget them!

    Thank you for being open enough to be in this video. I can totally understand where your mission for positivity stems from, now that we are friends. I get it!

    Love you! xoxo


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