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Must-Have Craft Supplies from the Dollar Store



As a full-time artist and craft designer, I am often asked about my favorite fancy supplies. Of course, I run heavy on the paint, glitter and glue, but some of most crucial supplies actually come right from the dollar store!

I thought I’d share them here, maybe they’ll come in handy for you too! And if you know of any, leave them in the comments!

By the way, I have a series called QUICK TIPS on iLoveToCreate’s YouTube channel where I share all kinds of other ideas!

1. Poster board. I always have a table covering on my work table, but I always have a poster board on top of that. It’s great for catching extra glitter flakes, paint splatters, it’s great quick photo shots of my craft step-outs too. Also, if I’m working on several projects at a tie, I can pick up and move one project on the poster board and slide over the other one.

2. Disposable shot glasses. I’m always mixing something! Glitter, resin, paint, melting stuff, etc. I like these because I can rinse them our and reuse them or not waste larger plastic cups.

3. Chopsticks. These are awesome. I use them to mix stuff, I’ll put hot glue on the end to pick up tiny sequins, beads, and crystals. When I’m sewing and need to turn a scarf inside out, I tie the end to the chopstick and feed it through the casing.

4. Straws. Blowing out bubbles in resin and glaze.

5. Lint roller. I use this to pick up stray threads, paper shreds, small bead,s glitter or crystals from my work table, not to mention, my sewing projects. Plus, you can also use lint rollers to make your own rolling stamp with fun foam!

6. Clear nail polish. I always keep this on hand to touch up areas on finished goods, or for a quick sealer on small areas.

7. Blush brush (very soft bristles). Handy for dusting glitter off projects, dust from your work space or applying shimmer powder to surfaces.

8. Clothespins. Perfect for holding pieces in place while glue dries, Pinning the waistline for photo shoots, hanging ornaments to dry.

9. Sandpaper. Rough up non-porous surfaces before painting or glittering. For example, patent leather shoes – the glitter and glue won’t stick until you create a “grip.” I also use it to remove paint if I make a mistake on on my ceramics or wood.

There are LOTS more, but this is good start! Don’t forget to share your favorite dollar store craft supplies too!

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  1. wreath forms, glass vases, white socks, wood forms, styrofoam, foam core board, chenille stems, and in season craft supplies.


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