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DIY Oilcloth Travel Mugs

How about making DIY oilcloth travel mugs?

Have you ever bought one of those travel cups where you can insert your own picture, but when you do, it gets wet icky when you try to give it a wash? Yah, me too. To make life easier, try using oilcloth as the insert. It’s waterproof, easy to clean and looks super cute. It’ll add a nice pop of color to your caffeinated day! These oilcloth travel mugs are also fun to give as gifts and it’s easy to have a nice set to show off.

By the way – you can buy these at the dollar store! Yes, I found these cups at the .99 store – what a deal!

Or you can the photo insert mugs online here.


Supplies for DIY Oilcloth Travel Mugs

Choose your oilcloth!



Remove the insert and use it as a template for the oilcloth. Cut.



Add the Tacky Line of adhesive along the edge. Connect the ends and insert in the mug and screw on the top.

There you go – DIY Oilcloth Travel Mugs – These are super fast, fun, and easy. And they look so fabulous! You’ll love this project!

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