Business tips with Nely Galan!


Nely Galan stopped by to not only craft – but also talk business! In this episode of Crafty Chisme, Nely gives us important business tips while I show her how to apply a glitter tattoo. We all have our strengths, right?

Nely is currently promoting her passion project, The Adelante Movement.


OK, let me backtrack to explain how big of a deal this is to me… Nely is one of my mentors and dearest friends. We met in 2004 at a writer’s conference and kept bumping into eachother at other events. We had always stayed in touch, one way or another, but in the past couple years we finally have had time to hang out and really talk. Nely is filled with so much passion, you’ll get inspired just from a single hug or handshake.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned from Nely –

1. Passion is everything. However you are living your life right now, if there is no passion, you are wasiting your days. Find your passion and follow it, it will lead to incredible opportunities.

2. Get financially set. Own it. Money is not going to fall from the sky, you’re not going to win the lottery, etc. Empower yourself to find creative ways to bring in extra income to acheive your personal and professional goals. Skip the TV shows and research to see how you can do this. Example: I’ve sold ornaments made from cut up cardboard back in the day, so if I can do it, so can you!

3. Help and support each other. Strength is in numbers. Get rid of the mentality of “me against the world”. There is enough room for everyone to succeed and follow their dreams! Be theone to set the example!

4. Embrace abundance. Know that you are worthy of abundance. Tell yourself this every day, ask for it and work for it. This doesn’t mean you have to be greedy or stingey. It means that you want to prosper so you can inspire others to prosper as well.

5. Work hard, make sacrifices, no slacking! This all sounds wonderful, but you have to break a sweat and even make sacrifices. In the video, Nely talks about skipping eating out to save money for your business. You have to be willing to put in the hours and commitment in order to have anything pay off.

Check out her blog post called: Awaken, Empower and Hustle.

“To be whole on your own. To take personal responsibility. To be the master of your own decisions, and most critically—to make your own money.” – Nely Galan

OK, now for a random turn into…glitter tattoos! This actually does fit into this post about business tips because these glitter tattoo kits are from my Crafty Chica product line. It was a long road to get to this point in my career. Lots of investment, planning, design, marketing! But the sparkle is worth it!




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