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Crafty Chica Michaels Tour – Photos!



Last time this week, we were driving home in our fancy (loaned) Buick from from the Crafty Chica Michaels tour. We had such a blast! Mostly because everything went according to plan. Last year, halfway through the tour, DeAngelo had to get his appendix out and we had to cut our trip short to race home. Thankfully, no surgeries this time!

Check out my Flickr photo set to see all the pictures! 

Here are a few of my faves!



I still had the car magnets from last year and used them on the Buick Encore. At first it caught me off guard to see people point and say “Crafty Chica” – but then I was like, “Duh! They are reading the signs!” These really are a great investment for when you are on your way to vend or do whatever business errands. I met some great folks just from the signs alone! And they are really cheap to have made!



One of the features of the tour was free Crafty Chica glitter tattoos given by Maya. Here are the tattoos all crisp and happy. Lord, you should see the craftermath of these. By the end, Maya was like “No more glitter tattoos!” LOL!

PicMonkey Collage




This was always my favorite part- the endcap would be full and by the end of the appearance, it was empty! I wish I could go to each and every Michaels Store around the country!




Check out my Flickr photo set to see all the pictures! 




At one of the stores, they made this cool display to go with my endcap, to get people in the spirit of Dia de los Muertos!

Check out my Flickr photo set to see all the pictures! 




Check out my Flickr photo set to see all the pictures! 



Maya had her own line of guests – she announced the tour on her Vine account and every stop, she had a line of fans asking for a glitter tattoo!

Check out my Flickr photo set to see all the pictures! 









My friend Lizzy joined us in the long stretch to San Jose. I crocheted my guts out, I made about three long scarves and my hand was sore by the end of the tour! It was worth it. Maya and Patrick would get mad every time I snuck away from the table because they knew I was shopping for more yarn!



One of the nicest surprises was that in addition to buying the products, people also brought copies of my books for me to sign!



Overall, we had such a great time! There is still plenty of stock left – CLICK HERE—>> check out the store list to see if your store carries the line!

Coming soon – a giveaway AND a review of the Buick Encore!

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