DIY Halloween Kid Costumes


Unimpressed by the cheap costumes at the party store? Want something cool and classic for your little one? Here are three easy DIY kid costumes you can put together in a snap!

Here at the HQ, I have a magical helper – Julia Duran. Sure, I’m a one-woman operation, but Julia steps in every week to help me with all kinds of odds and ends around here. She is amazing, and you can look forward to seeing her byline here soon! Well, I was on her Facebook page the other day and saw the adorable costumes she made for her six-year-old daughter, Mixzel, and my first thought?


Julia was excited to share the details. I love that these are traditional themes and use basic supplies: Imagination, basic supplies and face paint. (I suggest Tulip Body Art!)

1. Zombie Mummy




Black tights

A yard and a half of muslin torn into 3-4″ wide strips

Face paint

Safety pins



Wrap! Julia first wrapped her torso, then her legs and arms. As she added the strips, she knotted them too. Use the safety pins to hold the strips  in place as needed.

For the head, she used a square piece she had left over. She wrapped it on her head like a bandanna. She also took a couple strips to put over the forehead and around he jaw. She left one looser strip around the neck. Don’t forget to wrap those shoes too! Make-up: Use a white base  to make the skin appear pale. Use black to darken and shadow around the eyes, cheekbones. You want the zombie to look hangry and tired, right? Add lines around the mouth and some stitches and blood!

2. Wicked Witch

For this look, Julia used an old-looking black dress that laced up the front. She also had her daughter wear black undergarments to create a layered look. The key is that pointy hat and the broom! You can use a broom handle, straw and jute to create the look. Lastly, add a black cape – you can use a piece of thin cotton fabric.
MAKE-UP: Green! One simple base of green will make this costume pop and bring it to life.

3. La Muerta



This is my fave!


Black dress, black tights/undergarments.

Boa, cut to fit around the neckline

Black lace or shawl


Silk roses hot glued to a headband

Face paint


Directions: Layer the clothes and dress. Paint the face in a sugar skull style. Add the headband. Attach the boa and pearls, and add the shawl.

And here is Julia – as you can see, she likes to paint her face as well! She’s such a creative spirit, I’m so honored to have her helping me at! Please leave a comment and give her a cyber hug!! Welcome, aboard, Julia!



Love & light,

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