DIY Sugar Skull Face Paint

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Have you tried out my new face paint kit yet? It’s super fun! My inspiration for this DIY sugar skull face paint kit came from many blog readers who asked for an easy way to paint their face like a sugar skull for Dia de los Muertos. It was difficult for them to draw the designs, they didn’t know what products to buy – and they didn’t want to spend a lot of cash. I worked with the product developers at iLovetoCreate to create a small, affordable, easy-to-use kit that solves all of those issues – and here it is! This kit is for first-timers who want to give face painting a try without a hassle.

Here is how this DIY sugar skull face paint kit works: I designed a series of stencils that you place on a freshly washed face. Dip a soft brush in water and swirl it in the paint until you get a creamy consistency. Then dab it over the stencils on your face. You don’t the paint to be watery – you want it to be creamy so it won’t run. Let the paint dry and then use a wider soft paint brush to apply the white on your face around the stencil areas. TIP: You’ll need to do this in layers, letting dry between each layer. The kit comes with a sponge, but it goes on smoother and more evenly if you use a soft brush. Lastly, use the black body art marker to outline everything. You can then use a Crafty Chica Glitter Tattoo Kit to add even more embellishments!

If you want, you can incorporate some of your own eye shadows, lipsticks, whatever you want to create your own look. Look what my friend Rachel Mátos, The Art Muse, did! She used a variety of beauty items to create this classy-yet-gothic look. I’m so flattered that she incorporated my Crafty Chica Face Paint stencils!

See her tutorial for a Bride and Groom HERE.

See her tutorial for a guy’s face paint look HERE.

CLICK HERE for Rachel’s tutorial!
CLICK HERE for Rachel’s tutorial!



And here is what Jeshua from BoiFromIpanema did with my kit! Here is video tutorial too!

Here is Maya’s behind-the-scenes videos too!



Check out a silly Vine video Maya made after I painted her face with my kit!


If you use one of my face paint kits, post a picture at my facebook page – and enter to win a glittery swag box!

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  1. You are my Idol. Came across your name,work in, Fresno CA Bee newspaper. Had not heard of you before this article. Your trade name Crafty Chica that, caught my eye. Then WOW, saw all the beautiful skulls and colors I was hooked. I am a big fan of the sugar skulls and anything of traditional and culture of Mexican art-crafts.So glad to see YOUR success and pray that you’re continually blessed.Hope to see you in Clovis Ca on 10/16/13. Would love to meet you and see your work. I too love to craft too, but I am no where near your work. But it is so fun..

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