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Sugar Skull Bead Bracelets with Tarina Tarantino

Sugar Skull Bead Bracelets

Check out these sugar skull bead bracelets!

Last week, I posted my interview with sparkly and famed designer, Tarina Tarantino!

As promised here is part two of the interview – the DIY video! She not only shows us how to make a gorgeous bracelet from her new book, The Sparkle Factory, but she also chats about all kinds of other fun things!

She shows how to make these fabulous sugar skull bead bracelets.

Sugar Skull Bead Bracelets

Click here to watch the video.

YouTube video


Skull beads that Tarina used for this Day of the Dead craft project

Skull beads

Stretch Magic cording, 1 mm

Super glue

flat back crystals

How to make sugar skull bead bracelets

sugar skull bead bracelets

Decorate your beads with the super glue and crystals. Let dry.

Cut a strand of the cording, about 8-10.”

Stretch it so it glides easily through the hole in the beads.

String your beads.

When finished, tie six knots in the cording, trim excess and tuck the remaining knot tails inside the holes of the beads.

Thank you bundles to Tarina for being so gracious and allowing me to interview her – and for shooting this video with me. My life is complete, I tell you!

Don’t you love the bracelets she made?

About Dia de Los Muertos

This is a 3,000 year-old tradition from Mexico where we honor our loved ones who have passed on. The overall spirit is celebrating the cycle of life. An ofrenda is set up in the home or graveyard and lined with fresh marigolds, sugar skulls, copal and small items representing the soul who passed.

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