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I’ve been using the Brother Scan N Cut machine to make all kinds of things – like batches of these cute duct tape earrings to give away to friends! The process is super easy because with this machine you can scan in your design, size it how you want and multiply the design to cover an entire sheet of paper or fabric, or in my case – a sheet of duct tape!


This is what I love about the ScanNCut machine – you don’t need cartridges, you don’t have to plug it into a computer – it’s super easy to use and has a gazillion functions that come in handy. Last week I made some fun mini top hats and used the machine to cut all the circles I needed. But ok, back to the earrings!

To make these, you’ll need:

Brother ScanNCut machine

Assorted sheets of duct tape

Hole punch

Earring findings

Here is the touch screen on the machine. you simply tap the prompts you want and you can customize the size and quantity of either your own designed that you scanned in, or one from the machine’s library.

Scan in your design, or use images from the machine’s graphic library. Size and place them how you want them to cut on your sheet of duct tape. Turn your blade to the number ^, and then place the sheet of duct tape on the mat. Use an old gift card as a squeegee to press out any bubbles, you want the sheet to be secure to the mat. Load the mat and press cut.


You’ll end up with a lots of shapes and sizes of designs. You can press them together like I did here with the skulls, or you can expose the adhesive and pour glitter over it.


Use a hole punch at the tops, then add the jewelry hooks.


Click here to see the video I made for this project!


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