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Free Day of the Dead e-Book: ‘Ofrendas: Celebrando el Día de Muertos’


Free Day of the Dead e-Book, just for you!

This beautiful ebook about Dia de los Muertos  features a collection of recipes and projects all prepared and curated by Latina bloggers! Please take a copy and share it with all your friends and family!

The inspiration for this free Day of the Dead e-Book

When it comes to celebrating Muertos, it’s bittersweet because there is so much commercialism these days – yet we are happy that this tradition is being recognized by so many. Food blogger, Ericka Sanchez of NibblesAndFeasts.com wanted to do her part to show the beauty behind the skulls. She shared the book concept with friends and together, everyone embraced the idea! I was very honored to have been asked to participate along with these other artful women. We pitched ideas, Erika curated them, assigned us deadlines, and she had the book designed.

Talk about indie, grassroots style – this is it, right here! This book is 100% from the heart!

“I was inspired because I wanted to share what this holiday is all about,” Ericka says.

“Many people confuse it with Halloween or think its morbid. I first experienced the beauty of this holiday in Oaxaca and was in awe. I had never seen anything like it. And although I couldn’t recreate those impressive altars and celebrations within this book, Ofrendas: Celebrando el Día de Muertos is a bit of what us bicultural Latinas yearn for to preserve and educate our kids to keep the tradition alive.”

More about the free Day of the Dead e-Book

Within the 66 full-color pages are original illustrations and graphic design by artist Brenda Montes.

You’ll also find crafts and recipes from bloggers such as Denise Cortes, Nicole Presley, Ericka Sanchez, Maura Hernandez, Vianney Rodriguez, Leslie Limon, – and me too! Please visit everyone’s sites and let them know how much you like their contribution, you will make them so happy!

Here is a sneak peek, make sure to click on any of them to see the full book! And by all means, please share!

Calaveritas brillantes de dulce by Kathy Cano-Murillo.
Shooters de jalapeno con mezcal by Nicole Presley


Oaxacan mole tamales by Vianney Rodriguez


Toalia de cocina estampado de calaveritas by Denise Cortes.
Sopa azteca by Leslie Limon.
Margaritas de pera con canela by Maura Wall Hernandez.


Pan de muerto by Ericka Sanchez.


Bewitching Top Hat

Duct Tape Earrings


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  1. Beautiful photos and content!! My grandma celebrated Dia de Los Muertos every year in her home in Oaxaca. Whenever possible, grandma would send us a Day of the Dead bread all the way from Oaxaca! Awesome creations by all the bloggers!

  2. Graphics are great Every page exciting Please put it out in print Enjoyed every aspect Contributers I applaud you can’t wait for next ebook


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