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National ‘I Love Yarn’ Day!

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CLICK HERE for lots of yarn ideas from The National Yarn Council for National I Love Yarn Day!

It’s National I Love Yarn Day! Crochet is my yarn passion of choice, and I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some scarves I made with all of you. Now that the cooler temperatures are here, it’s good time to learn to knit or crochet to make a simple scarf. If not for you, then for charity!

Here is my advice – just learn the basic stitches. Don’t get overwhelmed with patterns and perfection. Start with cheap yarn and a cheap hook and practice until you feel comfortable, then move on to more lux tools and fibers! I actually use a variety of yarns, stitches, hooks, colors and lengths for my scarves… somehow they all work together and they cover any mistakes!

So! Go get some yarn!!! If you need ideas – check out LionBrandYarn (I use a lot of their yarns!)

And of course – check out the National Yarn Council site for lots of ideas, patterns and more!

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