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Dia de Los Muertos Craft: Skull Sugar Cubes

Dia de Los Muertos craft: Skull sugar cubes

Sugar skull cubes for the win – they are an essential Dia de Los Muertos craft! I make these every year and everyone loves them.

These are little sugar cubes in the shape of skulls that will make your drinks extra sweet- even before you dip in your pan de muerto.

Yup, when it comes to Dia de los Muertos – I embrace every moment I can. Even down to the sugar I put in my cafe con leche.

They are super easy to make too! One year I made heart-shapes, I thought, why not skulls?

I filmed this tutorial while at YouTubeSpaceLA and my special guest was one of my BFFs, Mark Montano!

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YouTube video

Directions for this Dia de los Muertos craft:

To make these skull sugar cubes, you’ll need a skull silicone mold, sugar, water and a spoon to mix.

You’ll also need a piece of clean cardboard that flatly fits over the mold. This is crucial. If you don’t want to do all the skulls at the same time, you can work them four at a time.

This silicone skull mold is PERFECT! Look at all the sugar cubes you can get from that!


In a large bowl, add two cups of white sugar. Then add a tablespoon of water and mix until it looks like damp (not soaking wet) sand. 

Pick up a handful of the sugar and press firmly into the mold, one at a time! Take an index card and cover the sugar in the mold and carefully flip the mold over to release the skull. Slide it onto a plate. Once you get the hang of it, do four skulls at a time. Just make sure to have the index card or cardboard to fit the area.

Let them set about an hour to fully harden.

Here are my tips for these skull sugar cubes

Add a few drops of water at a time to your sugar, just enough to create a mixture that resembles damp sand. 

Dia de Los Muertos craft: Skull sugar cubes

Other ideas for the skull sugar cubes: Add food coloring, or decorate with mini tubes of icing.

And yes, you can use them in your coffee! So cool! What a fun Dia de Los Muertos craft, right?


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