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Glittered Plastic Flatware


When it comes to my Thanksgiving Day, my family visits at least three houses. And each house has at least 20-50 people chowing down on turkey and pumpkin pie. Real silverware is out of the question! But here is a way to still look classy with all those peeps to serve – pick up a set of plastic silver flatware and dip them in Tulip Soft Paint! I bet you’re wondering how the “glitter will work? I have some secret methods for you to seal in every flake!


What you need:
Plastic cups
Plastic flateware
Paper towels
Empty paint into a cup.
Take one piece of the flatware and dip the end in the paint and tap until all the excess has dripped.
Add glitter over the wet paint BUT don’t forget to let dry, then dip in a cup of Collage Pauge to seal the glitter so it won’t flake, same with the other pieces. The sealer will make it smooth, shiny, and non-sticky.

Set on top of the cups to air dry.


And there you go – super stylish plastic flatware that doesn’t take long to make!

More ideas:
– Coat the bottoms a different color.
– Dip in one color, let dry, then dip in another.
– Use a variety of colors for a festive look!
– Don’t forget to seal so the paint won’t be sticky.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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