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Recent cards I bought from the Hallmark Signature Collection – they are super crafty! I already registered these for the Rewards program! šŸ™‚
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Those who know me, know that I am a sucker for all things Hallmark. My dream is to have one of my novels turned into a Hallmark movie! So, YES, of course I joined in this blogger campaign to let the world know about the Hallmark Card Rewards program. I signed up as soon as I heard about the program and you can too, here is the link!

Here is my personal take on why I’m so connected to Hallmark cards. Every year I make a goal to hand make a batch of holiday cards.Ā Most of the time, I follow through, but when I can’t, I’ll shop for a short cut. What? Crafty Chica buys store bought cards? Yes. Because Hallmark happens to have a whole line of Signature Collection cards that are very crafty looking. Fabrics, threads, yarns, stitching, glitter – all of it. I go for these because that way I feel like I’m still spreading the DIY love without me having to break a sweat. It makes my busy life easier!

Hallmark Card Rewards 1 for 5 Graphic 398x320

The HallmarkĀ Card Rewards program is cool for people like me who buyĀ several at a time.Ā For every five cardsĀ purchased (singles, not boxed), youĀ earnĀ one reward that is good toward discountsĀ for places like Starbucks, Nike, Applebee’s and others. It doesn’t matter where you buy the Hallmark cards – grocery stores, Hallmark stores, all together there areĀ 30,000 + locations across the country, so it makes for easy shopping. I downloaded the smartphoneĀ app, and use it every time I buy a card. I simply type in the numbers from the barcode on the back of the card. You can also upload the info through the Hallmark web site if you prefer.


While you’re at it, check out the Hallmark.com site for crafty ideas for your holiday cards, like these ornaments!


And don’t forget to check out the Hallmark Channel for all the holiday movies, they have new ones every Saturday and Sunday – also this one coming out on ABC, starring Andy Garcia!



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