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How to Bake a Turkey & other Feast-y Ideas!



Before we get into crafty ideas, maybe some of you out there need a little 101 on turkey baking. I know I do. I just found out that my side of the family is not doing a traditional family gathering. Everyone is branching off to do their own thing. It SUCKS because I feel like every since my dad died in 2009, our family gatherings have dissolved.  No worries though, we are blessed to have Patrick’s family and my Uncle Joe’s – those are two houses of love and lots and lots of familia, I’m happy! It’ll be a busy day! One of my goals for 2014 is to redo my whole house to make it family-gathering ready. But for a close-knit feeling this week, I think I’m going to go all out and make our own turkey dinner. The first place I looked was to Presleys Pantry and of course, she has a full tutorial of how to do things right!

Click here to read her article: How to Brine, Marinate, and Bake a Turkey.



OK! let’s get crafty!

It’s Tuesday, but here are some ideas you can still whip together in time for Thursday! CLICK ON THE TITLE TO LINK TO THE ARTICLE.

1. Turkey Butter Sculptures



2. Thankful Bubbles Party Favors.





3. Family Trivia Place Mats





4. ‘Be Thankful’ Napkin Rings.






5. Conversation Starter Centerpiece





6. Glittered Plastic Flatware





7. Felicidad Table Favors





8. ‘Con Amor’ Pallet Art





9. Family Time Rubik’s Cube





10. Quotes to share at Thanksgiving.



My Kind of Holiday: Lipsticks!

When traditions change.


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