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My Kind of Holiday: Lipsticks!

This was the inspiration behind my Target shopping spree. I wanted to try out these holiday lipsticks!



The folks from Target recently enlisted me shop for their “My Kind of Holiday” campaign. I knew immediately what I wanted to buy: Lipstick. See, I have this thing where I’m stuck on red color. I love it and have been sporting the crimson style all my life. BUT, I’m on a mission to embrace new. I want to kick aside my habits and try new things. I think my make-up should be part of this plan. So now the holiday season is here, I thought it would be a good time to try some different colors.

But where to start? Do you know every time I get a professional makeover, they tell me, “You should not wear red lipstick, it washes out your skin, it makes you look older, blah, blah?” Can I just say how much this hurts my heart? Here are the results:



The first picture is my with my beloved red lipstick. What do you think of the others? The second is a makeover I had from NP set I even made a video about this experience. I felt like a nerd because I thought this was the base coat, not the actual color. OH – NUDE! I get it! The third was this past fall when I was in NYC for the Latism conference and Univision gave us all makeovers. I know nude and light plum are pretty shades, but they make me feel so naked! It’s really difficult to break tradition! But I’m determined to shaie up my life!

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I consulted with my friend Monique from CurvesandChaos.com – she is my go-to beauty expert. Her advice?

“It doesn’t matter what shade of lipstick you choose this holiday season! Whether it’s shocking, bold, or bright – rock it proudly!”

I love that way of thinking. And I love Target’s humungous cosmetics section. I had a lot to choose from. I decided to strike a balance between red, nudes, and Monique’s advice. Here’s what I came up with for my holiday lipsticks!



They aren’t red, they aren’t nude! They re somewhere in between. Monique also suggested that if you wear a lighter lip color, you should go with heavier eye make up or vice versa to balance it all out. This was such a fun assignment. I don’t think I would have tried these new colors if it hadn’t of been for this Target campaign. I’m excited to see what other new ideas I can bring into this holiday season!

Do you have a favorite holiday lipstick?


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