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Thanksgiving Flick: Pieces of April


We are flooded with holiday movies about mistletoe and magical falling snow, but there is one Thanksgiving movie that tops any of those. At least in my opinion.

It’s called Pieces of April and it came out in 2003 and stars a pre-Tom Cruise/post-Dawson’s Creek Katie Holmes, and Derek Luke stars as her boyfriend. She plays a young woman scraping by in NYC who invites her estranged family over from Philly to have Thanksgiving dinner. “First pancake” April is a hot mess, but an adorable one. Her family knows this all too well and dreads taking the trek to visit her, much less eating the food she has cooked for them. They try to find every reason not to go. What they don’t realize is that April has turned a new leaf and is pouring all her heart and soul into making the dinner as perfect as possible. It’s like her offering of forgiveness and gratitude, if only they’d give her the chance. Everything goes wrong during the lowbrow culinary process, which makes the movie all the more endearing when April refuses to give up.


This is a movie about finding true family in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes it doesn’t even involve biological relatives at all, and sometimes it does but in unexpected ways. If you’ve ever felt like the underdog in your family, you’ll relate, laugh, cry and cheer for April. It’s the ultimate dysfunctional family comedy/drama – perfect for Thanksgiving!

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This month so far – crazy good!

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  1. Good review Kathy. It’s very funny, for a good while, but once those final minutes come strolling in, you realize that there’s more to this story than just good laughs and the emotion eventually does over-take you.

  2. I love this movie. But I’d have to rank it #2 on the list of Best Thanksgiving Movie Ever. #1 is definitely Home For the Holidays… Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft, Robert Downey Jr., AND (omg)… STEVEN FREAKING GUTTENBERG! What’s not to love?!?!


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