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Thanksgiving Conversation Starter Centerpiece


This Thanksgiving conversation starter centerpiece DIY is designed to get all your family talking to each other because it is a pretty jar filled with conversation prompts that you’ll write up ahead of time. Thanksgiving is a great time to bring out this centerpiece but in reality, you can create this conversation starter for any time family gets together. 

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My inspiration for this project is that a lot of times at Thanksgiving, everyone follows a pattern of cooking, eating, breaking off into conversations or watching TV or checking their smartphone, taking pictures, etc.

This Thanksgiving craft is about STOPPING all of the above and simply enjoying each other’s company. This is a way to give everyone a chance to speak and share a bit about their lives, their personality. It’s a fun way to remind everyone that Thanksgiving and the holiday season in general isn’t about money but about being kind to one another and making everyone feel special and appreciated. I hope this project inspires that! What I love about this project is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but brain power to come up with questions!


Thanksgiving Conversation Starter Centerpiece

OK, let’s get this rolling!


One or two centerpiece-size glass jars

Tulip 3D paint, gold and Tulip Glitter, copper

Assorted blank gift tags with string

Blank cards


Items to fill jars – potpourri, burlap strips, etc.

Assorted pens


Use the 3D paint to decorate the jars and pour the loose glitter on top of the wet paint. Let dry for a few hours.


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Ideas for Your Conversation Starter Centerpiece

IDEA #1: Affirmation cards. Have a stack of blank cards and pens for when your guests arrive. Have them each write a happy affirmation or words of wisdom or a life lesson inside the card. They sign and seal it. Have stickers spread out so they can decorate the envelope. Put all of the cards in the glass jar in the center of the table. Throughout the dinner, each person removes a card and opens it and reads the note (and who said it) to the group.


IDEA #2: Conversation Prompts. Before your guests arrive, write a question on each tag, roll it up around a pen and tie. Insert them inside the centerpiece jar. Everyone takes a turn taking and opening and reading their tag out loud and answering the question!



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