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Thanksgiving Craft: Faux Pallet Sign



I’ve been wanting to make Thanksgiving decorations for when people enter our house. Something to show happiness and love – but sans any turkeys or cornucopias. This faux pallet Thanksgiving sign was the perfect mix! It says “Con amor” which translates in Spanish as “with love.” Here is how I made it – it looks really heavy, but it is so light because it was made with FloraCraft Foam, Aleene’s Snow and scrapbook stickers!


Hot knife
Orange, yellow and red spray paint
Scrapbook stickers
Glittered letters
Glittered fruit


1. Use a ruler and pen to draw two lines on the foam all the way down. Next, use a hot knife to cut into pieces, then cut it to the width  you want. Once your pieces are cut, you need to coat them with the Aleene’s Snow (or bathroom caulk). It’s thick and creamy and will make the foam become a smooth, paintable surface.


I used an old gift card to apply the Snow all over the top and sides of each piece. Let dry for about an hour, then glue the three pieces together with the Tacky Glue. Once its dry, then spray with orange paint, accented with yellow and red around the edges.


Now it’s time to apply the embellishments. My best tip is to arrange your layout before you glue. ALSO  – add Tacky Glue to the back of the stickers. The sticker adhesive is only strong enough for paper, not the texture of this surface. you don’t want it all to come off during your party, right?


My favorite part is adding the stickers. Just have fun and add them in different directions and levels. You can also add in small objects to offset any areas that need balance. Add your main word in the center and add the bigger embellishments on top, using Tacky Glue.


To hang – add picture hangers on the back, or just prop it up wherever you want!

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