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This month so far – crazy good!

CNN interviewed me about Dia de los Muertos and used several of my quotes in this beautiful pictorial! Click on the picture to see the slideshow they put together!
I was featured in The Washington Post last week! Crafty ideas for all and for fall. 🙂 Click on the picture for the article.

It’s been an unbelievable month – last week I was in New York City for the Casa Latina Home Expo. We had such a great time! As soon as I got to New York, I settled in for our crafty chat on THe Daily Lounge. You can read the transcript here.


Highlights: Desserts, friends, breakfast, crafting, bumping into a model from Project Runway. One of my favorite adventures was discovering Eataly! If you ever visit NYC, you have to check it out! NOTE: My friend, Evette Rios is hosting a new show on CBS called Recipe Rehab, check it out! By the way, in betwen our demos, Evette and I had a little fun with our Tulip glitter!

Click here to watch our Vine called “Glitter Deal!”


This place deserves its own photo collage! It is a vintag eshop in Chelsea called Eye Candy.

See the video up there? I was featured on Soul Pancake this week! I’m blown away because I’ve always looked up to that site for all they do and all the positivity they share. I suggest subscribing to their YouTube channel and all their feeds, you won’t regret it at all!

And the coolest thing of all? My boss/one of my BFFs wrote a page article sharing my story in Fresno Life Magazine!

I don’t do any of this for press or attention, my main goal is to spread inspiration to YOU, but is sure feels good to be recognized for doing just that. It motivates me even more to come up with ideas that I hope you’ll  like!










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