Turkey Butter Sculptures


Isn’t this so cute? My good friend, Cecilia, makes these every year for Thanksgiving and I asked her to share the process. She actually makes them by hand. She starts with a basic shape and then carves where needed. Her tip is to let them chill in between the steps. However, if you want an easier method just use a candy mold! Visit CakeArts.com to buy them online – note that although they don’t  have pictures on the site, you can call and order, they do have them in stock, prices range from $1.99 for the single flat turkeys and $3.98 for the two-piece version. You can also visit Amazon.com or check your local craft or candy-making shop.

There are choices! How about the big one – or maybe a bunch of little ones? To make them, you’ll need to let your butter soften, then press it into the molds. Place in the freezer to harden. Make sure to keep them chilled right up the moment so they won’t melt and get all wonky! Oh gosh, all this butter talk is making me crave warm rolls! Anyway…

If you use a two-piece mold, simply follow the directions above, remove from the freezer, melt some butter and “frost” the insides, stick them together and place in the freezer again until firm. What’s really fun is that you can do this same process for other holidays – put other things in the molds, like sugar for coffee drinks, right?

Press softened butter into the molds, place in the freezer for an hour and then pop out. Click here to buy them online, they don’t have them on the site, but you can call and order them for $1.99 for the single flat version or $3.98 for the 2-piece.


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