9 Super Cool Candy Cane Ideas!

Who knew one candy cane could spin off so many awesome ideas? From body scrubs to a necklace, here is a collection of easy projects from around the web that fit with every type of personality! Which is your favorite?

1. Candy Cane Sleighs.

The ultimate gift for candy addicts! Two candy canes serve as a sleigh to hold a stack of yummy treats, by Ellyn’s Place. *Click here to see the project on Ellyn’s Place.*


2. Melted Candy Cane Hearts.

Click here for my melted candy cane tutorial!


3. Candy Cane Tee.

Here’s a festive way to show your passion for all things red and white. Did I mention glitter is involved? Click here to see the tutorial on iLovetoCreate.com


4. Candy Cane Heart Frame Ornaments.

My daughter, Maya, makes these every year with her little cousins. Here is her tutorial so you can make them too! *click here for the project tutorial.*


5. Candy Cane Desk Frame.

Jen from Crafts Unleashed knows how to make one sweet-looking frame using air-dry clay, glitter and paint! *Click here to see the tutorial on CraftsUnleashed.com.*


6. Striped Candles.

Click here to see how to make these candles from KatesCreativeSpace.com


7. Candy Cane Wreath.

Click here to see this project from AtThePicketFence.com!


8. Candy Cane Baby Body Scrub.

Who says candy canes are only for eating? Kelly from Smart School House shows us a tingly alternative. *Click here to see the tutorial on SmartSchoolHouse.com.*


9. Candy Cane Bow Necklace.

Rachel from Lines Across shares her method of using polymer clay to create this sweet necklace. *Click here to see the project on LinesAcross.com.


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