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Dia de Guadalupe Candle Lantern



Dia de Guadalupe kicks off the Christmas Posadas on December 12th, and with it comes celebrations of love, faith and spirit – and in my world lots of color and shininess! No matter what religion you are, you have to admit, the classic image of the La Virgen de Gudalupe  – the patron saint of Mexico – is stunning. Her likeness is seen everywhere from churches to jewelry to pop art. December 12 the is the day that Mexico celebrates her because of an event that took place during the Spanish conquest when she appeared to the Aztec indian, Juan Diego. Here is a quick summary, but you can Google to find out more details – In an area now known as Mexico city, she asked Juan Diego to build a church on a hill in her honor, he went into town and told the archbishop, who then asked him to return to La Virgen and gather proof. La Virgen told him to gather flowers from the dry hill, he found beautiful white roses and gathered them in his cloak. When he presented them to the archbishop, the flowers fell to the ground and on the cloak was the image of the Virgen.

The event is celebrated with pilgrimages, parades and has affectionally become know as the Day of Love.

As for me, I love the positive energy La Virgen of Guadalupe brings. Warm and inviting, a true guardian angel of love and peace. Even though she is celebrated on December 12th, I feel like I celebrate her all year long! Here is a project I created to liven up your home with sparkly, happy vibes! (Disclosure: I was given a Lowe’s gift card to make this project, all experiences and opinions are solely my own.)



I picked up this lantern from Lowes and thought it would be pretty all covered in sequins and glitter. I liked the lantern because it has a flat casing (perfect for embellishment), four sides of removable glass and a hinged door that opens. I also bought a La vigren de Guadalupe prayer candle and embellished it with Tacky Glue, glitter and Puffy Paint.



Here is the candle! I was easy because it already comes with the image, all you  have to is add the glitter and glue!



Before you glue anything down, make sure to sand the area so the glue will grip the items you are adding. Here, I sanded this area, brushed on Tacky Glue and added gold glitter.



Then I had fun adding everything sparkly I could fine! Crystal trim, gems, sequins, t-shirt yearn and more.



I really love how it turned out!

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