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Make a Gem Wreath


Make a gem wreath! What exactly is a gem wreath? It’s a wreath covered in jumbo acyclic gems. It’s pretty and sparkly and you can fine tune it however you want.

Not all wreaths have to have greenery! Sometimes its cool to give them a modern touch. For this one, I let the giant gems relay the holiday spirit! 

This project will take about an hour to complete and the supplies are basic and affordable.



flat foam wreath

Flat foam wreath: I used a flat base because I wanted a certain look. The gems will be more prominent because they’ll be in rows. But you can also use a rounded wreath, it will look good too! Again, it’s all about what makes you happy! 

burlap ribbon

1 spool of burlap ribbon: Why burlap ribbon? To serve as a strong contrast to the gems. It was either this or velvet ribbon, both would look nice! Using glittered ribbon is nice, but expected for me. This was my attempt to try something out of my comfort zone – burlap was it!

jumbo gems

1 bag of jumbo gems

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Bow of your choice



Coat the front of the wreath with the Tacky Glue.


Wrap the wreath base with the burlap.





There’s two ways to go about this…

You can just glue and go or you can first arrange all the gems the way you want them and then glue them down.

Guess which I did? Yah, I just glued as I went along, no planning.

I did make sure to use a contrast of sizes and colors to give it balance. I also covered the outer and inner edges.


Add a bow and you are all set! I LOVE this wreath, it’s so sparkly!


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