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Gift Card Sleeves


Gift cards are very popular to give, they are a win-win for all involved. But instead of slipping them in a greeting card or in a bulky gift bag, why not create a beautiful, embellished sleeve that shows a personal handmade touch? Visit the craft store to find an array of glittered card stocks and papers.  Use the template I provided – you can also cut up cracker or cereal boxes and line them with wrapping paper or glue and glitter.

What you’ll need

NOTE: To get a template, take a large coin envelope and open it and use it for your template.

  • Assorted heavy glittered cardstock or thin chipboard
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive or hot glue
  • Assorted embellishments: Stickers, gems, letters, feathers, etc.
Helpful Tip:Use heavy duty scissors if cutting through heavy cardboard. Hang a little gift tag along with the ribbon.

Variations:You can adjust the size of the pattern to be larger or smaller. Instead of paper, you can also use felt, fleece, velvet or other fun, textured fabrics. Use letter stickers to spell out a name. Use a glue stick and add pictures of the recipient’s favorite hobbies.

How to make it

  1. Choose assorted glittered papers to make sleeves.Download and print the pattern that is provided. Choose your papers for the sleeves.
  2. Trace pattern on the back of the paper.Turn the paper wrong side up and trace the pattern using a pen or pencil.
  3. Cut along lines.Use your scissors to cut out the pattern.
  4. Apply tape.Apply the double-sided tape the the flaps. You can also use hot glue if desired.
  5. Seal.Peel away the protective strip from the tape on both side and fold the the bottom portion up. Press with fingers to seal.
  6. Embellish!Now comes the fun part – embellish! You can use stickers or flowers, feathers, gems. Anything goes! Use hot glue to affix heavier items.
  7. Punch a hole and add ribbon.If you want to hang your sleeves on the tree, use a hole punch and add a piece of ribbon.


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