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Ojo de Dios – God’s-Eye Garland


God’s Eyes are most known as a summertime craft made from yarn and twigs, but here’s a way to restyle the technique using toothpicks and shimmery embroidery thread. String them together to create garland that will add light and sparkle to your holiday decor.

What you’ll need

  • Shimmery embroidery thread or thin yarn
  • Sparkly eyelash yarn
  • Toothpicks
  • White craft glue
  • Small flat back crystals

Helpful Tip:Keep your hands clean while working, especially if you use white yarn. Practice on a couple pieces to get the hang of the technique.

Variations:Dip the ends of the toothpicks in glue, then glitter to add more sparkle. For a bit larger pieces, use lollipop sticks or cut bamboo skewers to the size you want. Experiment with different textures of yarns, threads and fibers for different looks. You can also add a charm, button or even a small picture in the center of each mini-God’s Eye!

How to make it

  1. shimmer yarnChoose four colors for your garland. I used white, gold and silver shimmer yarns and silver eyelash yarn.
  2. Toothpicks for God's eye craft.Take two toothpicks and hold them in a cross position. Take one end of the yarn/embroidery thread and wrap around both sections until the toothpicks are securely bound together.
  3. Wrapping yarn to make a God's Eye.Making a God’s Eye is all about wrapping the yarn around the toothpicks. First you’ll want to wrap the yarn around one of the toothpicks in a counterclockwise direction, then under the next toothpick, wrap around counterclockwise, and repeat. You’ll begin to see the yarn form rows on the underside of the toothpicks. Keep going until you reach the thickness desired. Keep in mind that it’s fun to mix colors and textures of the yarn!
  4. Mixing colors of yarn for the God's Eye.Once you reach a point where you want to change yarns, simply cut the yarn and add a dab of glue on the toothpick and wrap the yarn around it, hold in place with your fingers until it sets. This will only take a few seconds. Add a another dab of glue in the same place, and wrap the second color of yarn, but this time go in a clockwise direction so the rows form on the top of the toothpicks.
  5. Create multiple pieces.Continue the process with the other toothpicks until you have as many as you need. I made 12 mini-God’s Eyes for my strand of garland.
  6. Create an assortment of mini-God's Eyes.Set out your finished pieces and use the glue and small strands of yarn to create a loop at the top of each piece, this way you can string them.
  7. String the mini-God's eye pieces to a strand of sparkle yarn.Use another toothpick and the glue to add crystals in the center of each piece. Let dry. Cut a strand of yarn and string on the mini-God’s Eyes. If you want, you can use the glue to tack them in place so they’ll stay in place.
  8. Gods-Eye-Garland.Hang and enjoy!

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