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It’s my turn for the Craft Attitude Blog Hop! When I have a lot of something, I want to share. Chocolate, ideas, and of course – glitter! I have a huge bin of the stuff and decided to bottle some up to give out to friends for the holidays. I call it magic – or wishing – glitter. I used Craft Attitude film to make this project – I wanted a translucent look on the glass. I used to use water slide decals, but they are so expensive and hard to find. The Craft Attitude film worked perfectly!


Craft Attitude film

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue Stick

Aleene’s Paper Glaze


Computer printer, program

Glass jars



Directions: I scanned in an image I drew (you can use it too, it’s at the bottom of this post) and applied to the business card template on my Print Shop Deluxe program. I then reversed the image, because you have to apply the glue stick to the front side of the film. Then I inserted the sheet (make sure you know what side up to place it in your printer!) and printed the designs. Cut them out. Add a generous amount of the glue stick to the sticky side of the film and set it face down on the glass. Burnish with your finger, then add a glossy coat of Aleene’s Paper Glaze to make it look like it is melted or printed on to the glass. Let dry – then fill with glitter, sequins, whatever you want! You can pass out to friends, use them as hostess gifts, for your stylist or maybe just hand them out to strangers! Everyone could use some sparkle in their life,right?


Visit for all kinds of awesome ideas! This product is one of my favorites, you can use it on all kinds of surfaces like flowers, wood, glass, metal, resin, etc.

Right click to save to use for your Magic Glitter Jars! (Copyright, Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2013. Not for commercial use)

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