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No Fear: Go for the Grand Slam

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I had a dream this morning that is loaded with so many messages, I just had to share!

This was the dream: I was in our garage and a neighbor came over and started tossing baseballs to me. There were two bats  – one was light and easy to swing, the other was long and very heavy. I picked up the long, heavy one and swung. I connected and hit every ball over the fence ( yes, it turned into a baseball field with a screaming crowd and all), then I missed a ball…STRIKE ONE, I heard. Eeek, doubt creeped in my mind and I quickly switched to the lighter bat that was easier to swing. It made matters worse. I couldn’t hit anything, so I switched back to the other bat only to find the bases loaded, two outs, and this was my last chance at a hit. I felt it in me to knock it out of the park, I knew that was what would happen, all I had to do was get up there, concentrate and swing. But the next instant, I stopped the game to rearrange the garage to give me more room to focus to increase my chances of making that last hit.

No matter how much I moved everything around, the garage was not only still full, but  I placed a lot of items in the front yard. People wandered over, they thought I set up a yard sale. Talk about “SQUIRREL!” Then the neighbor’s wife came over and suggested we postpone the rest of the game until tomorrow. I told her that I really thought we should just do it now. “Well it will give you time to clean all this mess up,” she said. And her husband replied, “She has the magic right now, she’s going to hit the grand slam if she goes up to bat again. She should just go swing right now and do it. Go hit the ball, Kathy.”

And…I woke up! I ran into the kitchen for a drink of water and bumped into Patrick who had just woken up too. I told him about my dream and he sent me back to bed. “Go hit your grand slam!!” he said. “Don’t get tempted to crochet with the bats!” (He knows me too well)

I went back to sleep but I don’t remember dreaming about anything to do with bats or balls. ARGGGHH!!!

But I did kick off the day with a new mind set – don’t be afraid of going for the grand slam. You don’t have to save it for one big huge dream or goal, grand slams can be beautiful in small ways as much as big ways. It’s so easy to settle for baby steps, or one base hit at a time, when really, I bet we are all capable of walking up to the plate and smacking that ball over the fence.

My advice is to always go for grand slam  – whether it is with a project, a design, a relationship, a dream, a goal, a kiss, cheering someone up, writing a status update, etc. Think BIG, make it count, do everything with the utmost effort and visualize your actions score above and beyond what you imagined. You really have to see it in your mind and truly believe that you have the power. Be confident! Don’t be afraid, don’t get sidetracked by thinking you have to make the situation better (like me clearing the garage) – that is procrastination as a result of fear, right? We know better than that!

When you feel the magic, act on it because the opportunity can pass so easily, and the moment is lost.

As for me and this dream, I’m going to keep the image of me hitting the grand slam (in all I do) with the heavy bat! 100% passion or nothing at all!


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  1. What a great dream! I had a significant dream last night too. I realized I was walking around with an engagement ring on my right hand, besides the one on my left hand. My husband asked me, where did you get that? I had no clue, but I really liked it. Haha. I woke up and laughed myself. I’m a jeweler and was working on one all day.


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