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Paper Confetti Garland

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Scarps = confetti garland! Here’s how I made my own version  using the ScanNCut machine!

I’ve been going through my scrapbook paper recently and came across papers I love but have no room for. That’s where paper garland comes in handy. You can make multiple strands from all kinds of contrasting papers and as long as they are strung in a uniform way, they will all work together! But who wants to sit and cut out all those circles? That’s where the new Brother Scan N Cut machine comes in handy. It’s a new hobby and home cutting machine that will bring magic to your craft room.

What I like is that you can punch in one design, size it, and then easily format it so your entire sheet of paper will be filled with circles to be cut! Here’s how I made the garland.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 11.26.58 PM

You’ll need:

Brother Scan n Cut

Assorted contrasting scrapbook papers

Tacky glue

Embroidery thread


1. Using the Scan N Cut mat, peel off the plastic cover and set one sheet of paper. Seal it down by dragging an unwanted gift card over it.

2. Using the stylus and the touch screen on the machine, Go to HOME, PATTERN, SHAPES, then go to the third page for the circles. For my larger circles, I chose 9 of 3.”

3. Load the mat with the paper, and press cut and start.


4. Repeat for the other sheets of paper, except choose different sizes of circles so you will get a random look for your confetti garland. Use the spatula to remove the pieces from the mat.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 11.36.28 PM

5. Now separate the piles, cut a strand of thread about 16″ long.


6. Glue one of the circles and place it under the thread, then place another circle on top. Continue with different sizes until you have several strands.


When you’re done, you’ll  have something like this!


I hung these horizontally, but you can also hang them vertically.



– Make a bunch of strands and send them in a card to friends and family.

– Use them to decorate a child’s room.

– Use them to decorate for a party.

– Instead of scrapbook paper, use your Instagram photos!

To see more about Scan N Cut by Brother International, visit their site!



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