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Pom-Pom Sparkle Rings


Here is a twist on the traditional pom-pom tutorial! Pom-poms are a timeless, classic (and quite addicting) craft to make for all ages. They’re even more fun when you add sparkle yarns to the mix. OK, while we’re at it, why not gems too? One can never have too much sparkle! I made these pom-poms into friendship rings, but they can also be used for everything from hair clips to ornaments.

What you’ll need

  • 2 strands of color or striped yarn, approximately 3 feet each
  • 1 strand of sparkle yarn, approximately 3 feet
  • Pompom tool of choice
  • Scissors
  • Gems
  • White craft glue
Helpful Tip:The length of yarn needed will depend on thickness. The thicker the yarn, the less you’ll need. For thinner yarn, you may need double. There are so many varieties of yarn on the market, have fun mixing and matching to create a one-of-a-kind collection. Use cut up tie dye t-shirts for an even more colorful look. To add even more sparkle, dab the edges of the finished pom-pom with white craft glue and add microfine glitter. Instead of using a gem in the center, use buttons, charms, beads, photo tile, anything you want!

Notes:There are many methods for making pom-poms. You can cut your own “o” template from cardboard, or even wrap the yarn around your fingers. You can also buy a tool from the sewing aisle in the craft store.

How to make it

  1. How to add sparkle yarn to pom-poms.1. Line up all three strands of yarn. It’s up to you how much sparkle you want in your ring. Keep in mind if you add too much sparkle yarn, your ring won’t be as “full” or dense. I found that using two strands of regular yarn to one strand of sparkle yarn worked nicely.
  2. Wrap assorted yarns to create a sparkle pompom.Using the pom-pom tool of your choice, wrap all three strands around the tool. Use a double strand of an extra piece of yarn to tie a tight knot in the center.
  3. How to make sparkle pom-poms.Once the knot it tied tightly in the center, cut the yarn on each end.
  4. How to trim pom-poms.Fluff your pom-pom. Now it’s time to give it a hair cut! Holding the pom-pom by the two long strands, gather the yarn up tightly in your fist. Trim it all the way around until it is the size and shape you like. The shorter you cut, the more dense it will be. Trim off the long strands.
  5. Use white glue or hot glue to attach the ring blank. If using white craft glue, use a piece of wire to wrap around the base and the top of the pom-pom to secure it while the glue dries.
  6. How to add sparkle yarn to your pom-poms.Now add the gem in the center using white craft glue or hot glue.


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