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Random acts of kindness: Happiness hearts

Random acts of kindness: Happiness hearts – a nice way to make someone’s day!


Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! Check out these cool hearts I made to giveaway today!


This is what I plan to do with my Happiness Hearts. Once a month for a week, I stay in Fresno/Clovis, CA for a week for my job at iLovetoCreate. Fresno and Clovis are like my second homes! I love the people there, the ones who I see every time – the airport attendants, the hotel clerks, the movie theatre ticket window girl who watches all of my YouTube videos! I’m going to give each of them one of my Happiness Hearts to thank them for making this visitor feel welcome and wanted! Here’s how I made the hearts:

Buy some paper mache puffy hearts here.


I used a craft knife to cut the heart out of the front.


Next, I painted them in bright colors!


Then I used Tacky Glue to seal the picture. I also add a layer of glue on the top of the picture so when I glaze it, it will look nice and shiny!


I then added painted and glittered details and sealed it all under spray varnish!

Thanks for checking out my post about Random acts of kindness: Happiness hearts!

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