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Wearble Cha-Cha Holiday Hats


Stacey McQueen is one of my crafty heroes. I first met her years ago during our MySpace days when she had a fun video series called “Craft and a Cocktail.” We always vowed to make a craft video together and we finally did – and we even had a special guest, Frieda Laye from the glamorous detective trio, Chico’s Angels!

We got together and Stacy showed us her brilliant holiday hats that Frieda calls “Wearable Cha-cha.” I think Frieda needs her own product line! To make these fabulous hairpieces, alll you need is cardboard, Tacky Glue and embellishments! They are great for parties, as gifts or photo booth fun.


Please watch and give it a thumbs up if you like it!

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