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Easy Word Necklaces


I love any kind of jewelry that has wording on it, and I recently experimented with easy ways to make my own. I have a Brother ScanNCut machine and is has a font library built in- so I went for it! A little glitter stock, some Tacky Glue and jewelry chain and you are set too!



If you don’t have a ScanNCut machine, you can use any die cut machine or even letters from the scrapbook aisle at the craft store.

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Assorted glittered cardstock and cardboard

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint

Resin (optional)

Hole puncher or small rotary tool



Cut out all your words and images. Cut out the backgrounds for your words.



Use the Tacky Glue to glue the letters to the backgrounds. Use the paint to add colorful borders. If you are  using resin, then coat the sides and tops with the Tacky Glue and let dry until clear. This is so the resin won’t seep under the letters. Mix the resin according to package directions and coat the pieces. Make sure to set on top of wax paper. Let cure overnight.


Use a small rotary tool to makes holes and add chain. Whats fun about these is you can also use them as keychains too!

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