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Flaming heart wood table

How about a flaming heart wood table for your home or patio? Let’s try it!


Hello, woodworking department! The awesome folks at Rockwell Tools sent us some handy tools to motivate us to come up with some fun home decor DIY projects for you.

Here is our first run – this cool flaming heart table!

My inspiration was the sacred heart with the eternal flame of hope, so I wanted a table version with that kin of imagery.

I sketched this design and with some help from our experienced woodworker friends, Ben and Cecilia, we were able to bring it to life with MDF, power tools, and paint!


Here is the pattern that Cecilia made from my sketch.

You will need MDF (1″ thick) and cut:

Two pieces of MDF: 30″ tall and 25″ across

Flame: 18″ tall and 19″ across

For the actual table, I used a precut unfinished pine round table top from Lowes (24″ round)

Aleene’s® Aliphatic Wood Glue


Once you cut out the shapes, you will need to cut a notch down the top of one piece and the bottom of another so that the two pieces will slide into each other and interlock. Each notch should go 3/4 down/up and should be about 1-1/8″ inch wide.

We designed the table this way so that it can be taken apart and stored if need be. If you don’t think you will ever take it apart, then you can put it together and paint the whole thing.

Paint the pieces separately if you plan to take it apart. Don’t get any paint in the notch area, otherwise the pieces won’t slide into each other.

If you have trouble sliding the pieces together, you can use sand paper to smooth down inside the notch area.

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Paint the flame, but to not paint the table top yet. Do not paint the bottom of the flame where you will be gluing it to the top of the round base!

Glue the flame with a generous amount of glue and let set overnight.

I would also run a bead of glue around the joint of the flame and the table top so it is super secure.

After it is cured, then paint the table top and varnish the whole thing!

I used Black Slick Tulip Puffy Paint to add the accents all over the table.


It makes for a really nice patio piece, lots of color and cheeriness.

Who can resist a giant heart in their home?




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