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How to make tie dye onesies

If you ever wanted to learn how to make tie dye onesies, here’s a tutorial for you!


Here is how to make tie dye onesies that will sweeten up your baby even more. you can create vibrant red, pink and purple tie-dye wearables that are easy and fun to embellish.

Every time a friend or relative has a baby, I like to buy a pack of these and make a personalized set to give. Here is how I make them …

What you’ll need

  • White cotton onesies, washed and dried
  • Fabric dye kit
  • Fabric paint
  • Puffy paint
  • Fabric stencils, stencil pouncer or small sponge
  • Glittered iron-on designs
  • Plastic table covering

Helpful Tip: Insert paper between the layers of the onesie so the paint won’t seep through. Have each family member make a onesie for the new baby.

Notes: My rubber band heart design didn’t quite turn out, I ended up with a bull’s eye look, but that is just fine, it is bright and colorful! I’ll have to keep practicing to get the heart pattern perfected.

Variations: Add your baby’s name to the shirt or cute sayings that you like.

How to make tie dye onesies:

Working on top of a plastic table covering and wearing plastic gloves, dampen the garment and fold it in half.

We’re going to make a heart design in the center. Use a fabric pen to draw half a heart.

Fanfold along the line that you drew.

Inside the kit are rubber bands, use one to band the shirt on the line.

Gather the shirt and add more rubber bands. Mix and add the dye.

Read the directions on the dye kit. Add water to the dye bottle and shake well, until all of the powder is dissolved.

If you want, you can place a grid on your work table so the dye won’t pool up below the shirt. Add a different color of dye for each section. Make sure to get the dye in all the folds.

Here is what your onesies should look like after you add all the dye.

Now wrap each garment separately in a plastic bag and let it set for six hours.

At the end of six hours, carefully cut off the rubber bands and rinse the items in the sink until the water runs clear. Then wash in the washing machine, and tumble dry.

Time to decorate.

For the first one, I decided to add a stenciled design. Place the stencil down, rub flat, then pick up some paint on your pouncer or sponge. Dab it first on a paper towel, then pounce on the stencil. Let dry and add a second coat.

For the second one, I used puffy paint to draw random hearts. I chose to use white paint so it would pop out against the pink and red. Another easy way is to use glittered iron-ons.

These are designs that have the glitter sealed in and come in a variety of cute shapes. Here are the four onesies, decorated in all the different styles.

Thanks for checking out my post about how to make tie dye onesies!

Flaming heart wood table

Scented Heart Crandles


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