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Sequined Embellished Beer Bottle


Here’s why I made this sequin embellished beer bottle. Being a craft blogger can be a lot of work. With so many trends, techniques, and ideas out there, sometimes my mind goes blank. I just want to make stuff and not think about any of that. Therefore, every now and then I just have to pull down the shade to it all and go back to my roots.

For me, it’s all about loud and shiny. I think it’s my Mexican roots. In Mexico, many people just take whatever is at their fingertips and decorate it. Cans, Cigarette boxes, tins, you name it. and of course – beer bottles! Absolutely anything goes.
I came across this awesome Corona beer bottle and knew a glittering session was in store. It’s heavy, chunky and has a beautiful shape. I love the printed label on the glass. It also gave me a chance to use up some sequins that I purchased all the way from India! I can use my bottle as a vase or candle holder, or just to add a blast of color.


Small sequins
Paint brush (medium and a liner brush)


Wash and dry your bottle. Paint the adhesive around the border, just outside the label. Do this all the way around so it is nice and juicy.


Pour the sequins onto the wet glue and press in place with your fingers. Remove any that are in the way.

How to glitter a bottle, CraftyChica.com

Use a thin liner brush to add glue and glitter to the letters on the front of the bottle. I worked one letter at a time so the glue wouldn’t dry before I could get the glitter applied.

How to glitter a bottle by Crafty Chica.

Use the wider brush to add glue and glitter to the top of the bottle.

How to glitter a bottle by Crafty Chica.

I figured since I had glitter and sequins, I may as well as crystals! I used the Tulip PDA: Personal Dazzle Assistance. These were great because they come in strips, so you just peel and stick!

How to embellish a bottle by Crafty Chica.

you can use your bottle to hold flowers, or just for decoration!

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