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Valentine friendship necklaces

These Valentine friendship necklaces are a great craft for middle school kids to make and trade.

Valentine Friendship Necklaces

Trading handmade jewelry never goes out of style, especially when hearts and glitter are involved!

This is a crafty idea my daughter loves. Gather some friends, small pieces of wood, paint, glitter and beads and have a necklace-making session either after school or at a party.

Have everyone make two or three pieces and then trade them with each other!

What you’ll need for Valentine friendship necklaces

Helpful Tip:Use toothpicks to apply glue in small areas. If using glitter, work over a sheet of paper so you can catch the overflow and pour it back in the glitter jar. Before you glue the items down, test out different arrangements to see what you like the best.

Variations:You can also use these pieces to make friendship bracelets or charms!

How to make it

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  1. Choose the paint colors for your wood pieces. I made mine themed for Valentine’s, so I used different shades of pink and red – but you can also add in orange, purple, whatever colors you want.
  2. Use the brush to paint the pieces. Let dry completely. Once the base coat is finished, add a contrasting color around the edge.
  3. I used a different design for each necklace. For this one, I coated the wood piece with glue and then used a crayon to pick up tiny crystals and set them to spell LOVE.
  4. I also had these mini-paper rosettes that were just the right color and size!
  5. I used the rosettes to form the shape of a heart.
  6. This pendant is trimmed in glue and then glitter. I used letter beads in the center. You could do the same to spell out names or words.

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  1. I enjoy your posts on Facebook. The crafts are usually quick, easy and satisfying for multiple skill levels. I pass them along with materials to the activities director at the nursing facility where I spent c 10 long months. Activities were about the only thing that kept me sane. Thanks for all the pretty ,bright craft ideas.


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